Fees and funding

If you change your course or university through Clearing, you need to update your student finance application as soon as possible.

If you live outside England, you'll need to contact the relevant funding body.


Student Finance – next steps

Changing your university or course through Clearing may impact your funding. It is important that you let Student Finance know about the changes as soon as possible.

This must be done by 31 August 2022. After this date, course details can only be changed by the university you will be attending.

Log in to Student Finance and change your application online.

If you have not applied for Student Finance before but you would like funding, you need to apply for Student Finance now.

See our undergraduate funding guidance for more information, and the Student Loans Company's guidance for students going through Clearing.


Bursaries, scholarships and fees

We offer a range of additional bursaries and scholarships to our students – you can apply from September 2022 for most opportunities, but check the details of each option.

Find out more about student fees and finance