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If you are a current or prospective student and you have a question to ask, we may be able to answer it below.   



Do I get University accommodation?

When a clearing offer has been confirmed to an applicant, the offer email will provide the process to apply for accommodation. Accommodation places are subject to availability so we cannot guarantee specific accommodation applied for would be the accommodation offered.


I need to contact UoN accommodation

If you need to contact the accommodation team please visit our Accommodation Webpage here. You should be able to find a Live chat option, chat bot option and the option to book an online meeting with one of the Accommodation Officers.


Why can't I contact the Accommodation team by phone?

In order to deliver the most efficient service for applicants the accommodation team are focusing on processing accommodation applications. Applicants who would like to contact us are advised to use the Live chat, Chat bot and the option to book an online meeting with one of our advisors via our main Accommodation Webpage.


I did not get the grades required to meet my offer with UoN but now have accepted an offer for UoN through clearing, do I need to apply for accommodation again?

If you have applied previously and you held an accommodation offer, but you now have an offer through Clearing, you need to contact the Accommodation Office as your accommodation offer will be subject to review.


Can I apply for a room in a specific hall?

We are unable to accept applications for specific catered halls. When you apply you will be asked to indicate your preference for self-catered sites or catered sites, plus preferred room types and licence lengths. We do advise to have a variety of options in mind.


I have specific medical needs which affect the accommodation I need, how can you help?

If you have a medical condition or disability, we will do our best to help you with your accommodation requirements. Please click here to contact us via our enquiry form, with the reason for your enquiry as “Medical/Disability Request”.


What is the difference between 31 & 39 weeks?

University managed sites are offered at two licence lengths, 31 weeks and 39 weeks. 31-week licences cover your accommodation during term time. You will keep the same room but be required to move out of your room during the Winter and Easter vacation (this includes your belongings).

39-week licences cover your accommodation throughout the academic year, normally starting in September and ending in June.


Why is there a 44 week option?

Our third party sites provide 44-week licences as standard for the majority of rooms. However, you may receive 45-week licences from The Vantage or some of our sites may be able to offer 51-week licences if required. 


Can I get more information on what each room type is?

We have a variety of room types across all of our Halls. Please find further information here, on the Accommodation Webpage.


Can I change my room? (not applying through clearing)

We are unable to assist with changing rooms as we work to assist students applying through clearing. We may be able to assist with a room transfer in early October if you fill in the transfer request form, which will be available on the accommodation page closer to October.

If we can assist, you will be guided through the process by an accommodation officer. We cannot guarantee that a move will be possible as this is dependant on another student taking over your current licence/contract.


When Is arrivals?

Arrivals weekend will start from Thursday 22nd September - 24th September. You will receive further information on arrivals in early September.


Do I need to pay a deposit and when?

This will depend on where your accommodation is: If you have applied for and received an offer from our self-catered third-party sites, they may request a deposit when you accept your offer.

If you have an offer from a University managed catered site you will not be asked to pay a deposit, however, you will need to pay an advanced rent payment of £250 before you arrive which will be deducted from your first term's fees.

For further information on paying your accommodation fees please click here.


I paid a deposit but am no longer attending, do I get it back?

Yes, if you have paid a deposit to your third-party site then this should be returned to you as they will have been notified of your withdrawal. If you want more information you should contact your site directly, using the information provided here.


Is there a waiting list for an unavailable room?

No, we are only able to assist with available rooms, unless you have a medical condition or disability. If you have a medical condition or disability, we will do our best to help you with your accommodation requirements.

Please click here to contact us via our enquiry form, with the reason for your enquiry as “Medical/Disability Request”.


Where is the closest hall to where I am studying?

All of our accommodation is within walking distance of where you will be studying or there is an available hopper bus that can get you to your course. For a map of the University Campus please click here.


What is the Sport, health and wellbeing package?

University managed accommodation includes the sport, health and wellbeing package. You will get access to the University Sport, health and wellbeing services and access to 3 sports centres located on our campuses. This also includes Just Play and Intramural programmes located within your hall.


Which halls have bars in them?

There are four campus bars open six days a week, offering a wide range of food and drink to cater for all tastes and budgets.

Echo @Derby, Vesper @Willoughby,Core@Newark and Hive @Sutton Bonington


When do we get room numbers?

For University managed catered sites you will receive an email in September asking you to complete your induction. Once this is complete you will receive your key collection pass with your room number.

For Self-catered halls you should have received your room number with your accommodation offer, if you aren't sure then you can contact the site directly using the information provided here.


What information will I receive during induction?

For University managed sites your induction will include the following; room numbers and arrivals passes, arrivals information & booking slots, fire and health and safety info, catering info (where applicable), SU and activities information. Please note this is subject to change.

For third party providers information will vary and they will contact you by early September.


When will I receive my offer?

Offers should be received within 2 working days for University managed catered sites and within 5 working days for third party self-catered sites, although we expect this to be less.


Can I cancel my accommodation?

If you are no longer attending your course then your accommodation will be cancelled automatically.

If you are still attending and have an accepted offer then you will not be able to cancel your accommodation as you have accepted the terms of your licence or the terms within your self-catered contract and will need to follow the policy involved.You should contact either your self-catered site or Accommodation Services.


Can I request specific room or give preferences on floor?

Unfortunately we are unable to assist with preferences such as specific room numbers or options for ground floor unless you have a medical condition. 


Can I change my preferences after applying during clearing?

You can request to change your preferences however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to assist with your request. We suggest you contact us here, via live chat where we can discuss further.


Can you confirm I still have accommodation?

If you have previously received and offer for accommodation and have acepted this then you will still have this offer. You can log into the Accommodation Portal here, where you can check this.

If there is any reason that suggests your room has been cancelled and you have not requested this or been rejected from your course please contact Accommodation Service via live chat.


How do I pay my fees?

To pay your fees please use the MyNottingham website here. Moreover, for further information on paying your fees please visit this website.

If you are still struggling to make a payment or need advice on a payment plan or alternative payment methods contact Student Account Services.


I want to know specific information about my room? e.g. the colour of the walls or carpets

Specific information about your room can only be confirmed once you have completed your induction and have your room number. You will need to contact your Hall directly using the details here.


I made a mistake on my application for accommodation, what do I do?

Contact Accommodation Services via live chat and it is possible that we can update your application before an offer is made, although we cannot guarantee this. Live chat can be found here.


I did not get my first preference?

Although we will do everything we can to provide you with your first preference it is not always possible to do so. Offers are made using rooms currently available, if this does not match your first preference we will be unable to provide this preference.  

Am i guaranteed University arranged accommodation through clearing?

Accommodation guarantee

We can guarantee a room in university arranged accommodation for successful Clearing applicants, subject to terms and conditions.

To be eligible for this guarantee you must have:

  • received and accepted an offer to study at the University of Nottingham before midnight on Tuesday 23 August
  • submitted your accommodation application online before midnight on Tuesday 23 August
  • accepted your accommodation licence or tenancy agreement and the terms and conditions by the deadline given in your residential offer

We aim to allocate all new first-year undergraduate students a place in university arranged accommodation, including those who have applied through Clearing.

If you do not meet the conditions above, you are not guaranteed accommodation. However, we will endeavour to assist you with University arranged accommodation once you have an unconditional offer of study at Nottingham and have submitted your accommodation application.

If you choose not to accept the accommodation offered, you are not guaranteed that we can assist with a further offer of accommodation.

For guidance on how to accept a Clearing offer and refer yourself through UCAS, see our guides for home students and international students. See below for how to apply for accommodation.




Applying for accommodation 

Applying for accommodation

When can I apply for accommodation?

Applications open on Monday 4 April 2022 for students who have firmly accepted their offer (conditional or unconditional) at the University of Nottingham.


I am having trouble accessing the accommodation portal? 

If you are experiencing issues with the accommodation portal please try the following steps:

  • Delete cache data

  • Use a different web browser or device


Which ID number do I need to use to make an application?

Undergraduate: You will need your UCAS personal number (10 digits) to access the online form and complete registration (such as 1234567891). If you are unable to enter a UCAS personal number, please contact your school or college for further details.

Postgraduate: You will need your Application ID (8 digits) to access the online form (such as 12345678).

Check when entering your details that no spaces or dashes are included in the ID number – this is a common user error.


I cannot register for an accommodation account. What should I do?

Ensure you have made Nottingham your firm choice and allow 48 hours after accepting your course offer before registering on our online portal.

If you have made Nottingham your insurance choice, you can only apply for accommodation if you change your reply to firm.

Check when entering your details that no spaces or dashes are included in the ID number – this is a common user error.


I have registered but I cannot log into my account. What should I do?

You need to validate your email address once registered for an account and then log in using your details. Your username is your email address and password you would have set up upon registration however, this can be reset.

Please check spam and junk folders for the email to validate your email address.


I cannot verify my details to make an account. What should I do?

Please ensure you firmly accepted your course offer at least 48 hours ago. Check when entering your details that no spaces or dashes are included in the ID number – this is a common user error.

Ensure you are using your email address when logging into the online form. Please check spam and junk folders for the email to validate your email address.


Am I guaranteed University-arranged accommodation?

We will guarantee you a room in University-arranged accommodation* for one year if you:

  1. firmly accept your offer of a place on a course at the University of Nottingham

  2. apply to us for accommodation by midnight on Monday 13th June 2022 as a UK student or by midnight on Wednesday 3rd August 2022 as an EU or international student

  3. accept your accommodation licence/tenancy agreement and the terms and conditions by the deadline given in your residential offer letter

* In order to fulfil our guarantee we may offer accommodation that is not in one of our advertised residences. We may also offer temporary accommodation or a place in a room shared with another student for a short time. We offer this until we are able to transfer you to suitable permanent accommodation.


In catered halls what is the difference between a 31 and a 39-week licence?

31-week licence is term-time only.

39-week licence includes four weeks of accommodation during Christmas and four weeks of accommodation in Easter vacation on a room only basis. Easter vacation does include catering. 

You will be required to fully vacate your room during the vacation periods unless you have booked a 39 week licence.


Will I get my first choice of accommodation?

Rooms are allocated by date order and we therefore recommend you apply as soon as you can once you have firmly accepted your offer with the University.

You shall need to make a minimum of three preferences on your accommodation application so ensure you choose these according to your preferences.


Will I get more than one offer of accommodation? 

Students will receive only one offer of accommodation from the preferences they selected on their application. If they are unhappy with the offer, they will need to contact the accommodation office to discuss their options. 


The accommodation I wanted to apply for is not showing on the online application form, can I still apply for it?

Unfortunately not, if we no longer have any availability for a certain room type/site then the relevant option is removed from the online application form. You will need to make your selections based on the preferences listed as available at the time of application.


I have submitted my application, can I change my preferences?

Once you have submitted your accommodation application it is not possible to amend via the accommodation portal.

If you have made an error on your application, you will need to contact us via the enquiry form. Please remember to include your full name and ID number in all correspondence.


I need a specific room due to my medical needs

Please provide details in your online application and we will contact you to discuss further. If you have any queries before you submit your application, please contact us via the enquiry form


Leaving halls or the University 

Leaving halls or the University

I have decided not to continue with my studies and leave the University. Can I get a refund on my accommodation? 

Where a student has suspended [TC2]  or withdrawn from the University their liability for accommodation fees may be reduced in consideration of their ceasing to be a full-time registered student.

Liability for accommodation fees will be assessed based on your registration status with the University, the date you plan to leave, the date of your leaver’s request submission, and any exceptional medical considerations/circumstances (supporting documentation will be required).

More detail on this is available on the accommodation web pages.






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