Externally funded fellowships

Apply for an external fellowship with Nottingham and join a university with an inclusive and dynamic research environment and a reputation for transformative discoveries.

In addition to our internally funded fellowships, there are a wide range of fellowships available from various funding bodies, charities and institutions, targeted at both early career researchers and mid to senior career researchers.

Why Nottingham for your fellowship?

  • The University of Nottingham is a leading global and research intensive institution with a long-standing reputation for transformative world-class research.
  • Our distinctive research vision emphasises our global approach to 21st Century research challenges and the development of a world class environment that champions team-based, transdisciplinary research and innovation and nurtures its broad -based and diverse research culture. 
  • Our strong culture of supporting early career researchers through our internally funded research fellowship programme, which extends to externally funded fellows and includes access to a mentoring scheme and networking event programme
  • Our world-class facilities, infrastructure and digital systems
  • The support we offer through the application process. If you are approved to submit a full application, we will support you strongly in both writing the proposal and preparing for the interview
  • The strength of our interdisciplinary research base, allowing you to work with inspiring pioneers from across disciplines to find solutions to complex global problems.

If you are interested in Nottingham as your host institution please contact the fellowships team so that we can put you in touch with the appropriate contact in your host school/faculty.  Most applicants for fellowships need to show strong institutional support for their application, so it is vital that you discuss your proposal as early as possible with your proposed host school/faculty.  Please provide a CV and a brief research proposal to aid discussions.

Alongside this, some fellowships have institutional restrictions on numbers we can submit, so please ensure that you discuss your proposal with the host school, and contact the fellowships team to find out more about internal sift processes

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