School of Medicine
3D illustration of proteins with lymphocytes, t cells or cancer cells

Research Themes and Groups

Our world-leading and internationally excellent research is divided into 11 themes. Our goal is to improve people's health and wellbeing.

A-Z List of Research Groups

Research Themes
Cancer and Stem Cells Research into understanding development of cancer and disease to allow prevention and new treatments
Child Health, Pregnancy and Women's Health Looking into areas which can help improve the health of children, women and those in pregnancy
Clinical Neurosciences Researching the brain and other parts of the nervous system, including research on stroke, hearing and vision
Digestive Diseases Involved in studying liver and gut diseases
Epidemiology and Public Health Investigating the causes of disease and how to improve the health of populations
Mental Health The causes, prevention and treatment of mental disorders and the promotion of healthy behaviour
Musculoskeletal and Dermatology Studies on bones, joints, and skin issues
Primary Care Improving the effectiveness of healthcare for individuals and communities
Rehabilitation, Ageing and Wellbeing Improving health and wellbeing of people, of any age, who are disabled
Respiratory Medicine Research into lung and breathing problems
Vascular and Renal Medicine Investigating heart, blood vessel and kidney problems.

School of Medicine

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