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Evening Language Classes

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Would you like to order lunch in the native language on holiday? Discover new career opportunities? Or simply keep your brain active whilst meeting new people?

We have a language course for you. 

The University of Nottingham Language Centre runs a successful programme of classes that is open to the public, University staff and students. 

Our next full programme of evening classes begins in October 2022.

Enrolment is now open! Book your place here

Unsure of your level or would like to try a taster session?

Come along to our Language Fair! 

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How will the classes be taught?

Classes will be held in person on University Park campus.

There may be a small minority of classes delivered online and these will be clearly labelled. Online classes will be taught using Microsoft Teams (or similar). Full instructions on how to access and use Teams will be given before the start of the course. 

Language used

Teaching will be in the target language as much as possible. Many of our tutors are native speakers and all are highly experienced and qualified to deliver high quality language classes. 

Class size

Classes will be taught in small groups of between 8-20. This will ensure good interaction between students and the tutor.

Teaching resources

Resources to support the course include on-line materials which will be made available by the tutor. There may be a textbook in addition to this, which is not included in the course fees. 

Learning at the correct level

If you find yourself on a level that is too easy or too difficult, you are welcome to move to a different level provided there are spaces available. If you are unable to attend the different level, we will provide you with a refund of the course fees.

Course fees

Course fees fare payable online in advance in one instalment (except for British Sign Language course fees).

For bookings made before 14 September 2022

  • All courses - £250 

For bookings made after 14 September 2022

  • University of Nottingham students and staff - £250
  • Members of the public - £280

British Sign Language course fees

For bookings before 14 September 2022

  • There is a promotional rate of £535 payable in instalments of £180, £180 and £175

For bookings made after 14 September 2022

  • University of Nottingham students and staff - £535 payable in instalments of £180, £180 and £175
  • Members of the public - £580 payable in instalments of £195, £195, £190

How to apply

Current students

Some students will be able to study a language as part of your degree course, please see our modules for current students webpage for more information.

However, if you choose to study a language in addition to your degree, you will be required to pay a course fee. 

Funded students (DTP and MFL Grant students)

Enrol using the registration link and choose the funded student option. 

We are unable to offer academic credits for completing the evening classes.

External students - staff, members of the public

You can register and pay for your language course online. Check first to determine which level to join and then sign up using the registration page once enrolment has opened. 

A confirmation e-mail is sent when you book on to a course. Please check your junk mail folder if you do not receive this.

Terms and conditions

  • Fees are non-refundable and no partial refund can be given for any classes not attended.
  • Applicants must be over 18 at the start of the course.
  • A minimum number of students are required in order for a course to run. Should any course not recruit sufficiently a full refund will be provided. 
  • Where possible classes are taught by the same tutor for all classes, however the Language Centre reserves the right to replace a tutor if necessary.

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