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The University offers funds for students experiencing financial difficulties. Please see below for more information about the different funds. For the 2021/22 academic year students who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic can apply for support funds under the usual Student Hardship Fund and the Student Crisis Fund. Please read the relevant guidance notes before applying to ensure these funds are relevant to you and your circumstances. Please also check what supporting documents you need to submit within the application form.

The Support Funds are now closed for 2021/22 apart from the Crisis Fund - see below.

The online application form for 2022/23 will be available in late September/early October



The Student Hardship Fund

If you are already claiming all the support you are eligible for from the Government, including your student loan, but are still struggling to make ends meet, you may be eligible to apply to the Student Hardship Fund

The fund provides discretionary financial assistance towards living costs for 'home'* full-time and part-time students, to help them access and remain in higher education.

International students in their final year of study or research at the Univeristy (not thesis pending periods) are also eligible to apply.

Applications are based on individual circumstances and follow national assessment guidelines.

Before applying:


The Childcare Support Fund

The Childcare Support Fund is a small fund set up by the university to offer eligible students (home*, EU, and International) some financial assistance towards meeting the costs of essential registered childcare whilst they are studying. 

Before applying:


The Student Crisis Fund

 The Student Crisis Fund can provide small, interest free loans to any student (home*, EU, and International) who is experiencing financial difficulties because of an unexpected change in their circumstances after admission to the University. In very exceptional circumstances small, non-repayable grants may be made. The fund cannot provide support for ongoing maintenance costs. All students registered and attending a course at the University of Nottingham in the UK may apply to the fund.

To apply you should first contact the Funding & Financial Support Team to discuss your circumstances.  In some instances you may be asked to attend an interview in connection with your application and/or to provide further written information and documentary evidence.

For more information about Support Funds see our Support Funds FAQs


*A 'home' student is a person who meets certain UK residency criteria. The same conditions apply to eligibility for student finance from the Student Loans Company.

Please refer to our Data Protection and Confidentiality Statement - for anyone who makes an application for funding from the Funding & Financial Support Team 

If you require an application form or guidance notes in an alternative format please contact the Funding and Financial Support team


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