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Black and white image of a brain

University’s largest ever funding award for UK’s most powerful MRI scanner

£29 million national scanning facility will help the UK lead the world in ultra-high field imaging to transform understanding of the brain and treatment of disease

a woman entering an MRI machine

MRI: new insights into our bodies

The birthplace of magnetic resonance imaging is transforming healthcare through innovative studies of disease processes and responses to therapies.

A child wearing the MEG scanner

A quantum leap for brain imaging

Unlocking the mysteries of the human brain with a revolutionary “wearable” scanner

Through whose eyes are we seeing the past?

Professor Maiken Umbach is challenging the use of Nazi photographs in commemorating and teaching about the Holocaust

Good for cows, good for the planet: reducing dairy's carbon footprint

Establishing the value of alternative, sustainable sources of protein in animal feed is helping the UK dairy industry reduce its carbon footprint

What next for the movie industry? Helping Hollywood plan ahead

What next for the movie industry? A researcher is helping film-makers in Hollywood plan ahead