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Royal Society honours Professor Sir Jonathan Van-Tam for his public science communication role during the Covid-19 pandemic

The University of Nottingham’s Professor Sir Jonathan Van-Tam has been recognised for the critical communications role he played during the Covid-19 pandemic with a prestigious award by the Royal Society.

Interrupting the treatment of vulnerable people on immune-suppressing medicines, doubles their antibody response to COVID-19 booster vaccination

A major clinical trial, led by experts at the University of Nottingham working in partnership with several Universities and NHS hospitals, has found that by interrupting the treatment of vulnerable people on long-term immune supressing medicines for two weeks after a COVID-19 booster vaccination, their antibody response to the jab is doubled.

Rebuilding business resilience in the wake of COVID-19

The findings of a major study exploring COVID-19’s impact on the resilience of UK companies will be revealed to policymakers, business leaders and entrepreneurs later this week.

New strategic partnership will support post-Covid regeneration and the levelling up agenda across the East Midlands

A new strategic partnership between The University of Nottingham and the East Midlands Chamber is set to cement links between academics and businesses to support the post-Covid recovery of the region’s economy and the levelling up agenda.

Study will assess prevention of Covid-19 infection in immunocompromised people

A new study, involving researchers from the University of Nottingham, is recruiting more than 35,000 immunocompromised people to determine their immune response to the Covid-19 vaccination and future risk of infection, hospitalisation and survival over six months.

Pulse oximeter measurements of blood oxygen levels are unreliable in assessing severity of Covid-19 infections across different ethnic groups

The severity of Covid-19 infection can be difficult to assess in people from different ethnic groups, due to inaccurate readings from a device that measures the level of oxygen in the blood of patients.

Stress associated with an increased risk of getting Covid-19, study finds

A new study has found that people who experienced increased stress, anxiety and depression at the start of the pandemic, were at greater risk of getting Covid-19.
The research, published in Annals of Behavioral Medicine, found that greater psychological distress during the early phase of the pandemic was significantly associated with participants later reporting SARS-CoV-2 infection, a greater number of symptoms and also more severe symptoms.

Common metabolic inhibitor has potential as nasal spray-preventative for Covid

New research is developing a new formulation of a common metabolic inhibitor (niclosamide) that could turn it into a promising prophylactic/preventative nasal spray and early treatment throat spray for Covid-19.

City centres could lose £3 billion due to permanent changes caused by Covid-19, new study reveals

A new study has calculated the long-term economic impact of Covid-19 on city centres and found that as the shift towards working from home moves businesses to suburban areas, city centres stand to lose £3 billion in 2022.

Major Covid-19 booster trial looks at how best to improve immunity against coronavirus in vulnerable people

A major clinical trial, led by experts at the University of Nottingham, will investigate whether some of the 1.3 million most vulnerable people on long-term immune suppressing medicines can mount a more robust immune response to Covid-19 booster jabs by interrupting their treatment for two weeks after vaccination.
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