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Placements: Compulsory

Placements: Compulsory

Compulsory placements are those that you must complete in order to progress on your degree.  These are divided into Allocated and Directed.


What you need to know

Allocated placements

Allocated placements are an integral part of your course that are assigned to you throughout your degree. These placements are assigned by your School or Department and apply to students in a range of Schools including;

Directed Placements 

A directed placement is a placement that is a required part of your degree programme, but one in which you have input into the experience that you undertake.

It is sometimes referred to as an industrial year or year abroad and is a common part of degrees in the following subject areas;

You may also undertake a directed placement in the form of an elective or guided choice placement activity.  Your School will be able to provide you with detailed information and support on placements delivered as component parts of your degree programme.

Other placement options

You can visit any Student Service Centre to get initial information on placements or take a look at;

for more information.


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