Progress to uni

Uni is a new and exciting experience.

It’s an opportunity to develop your interests and deepen your understanding.

It’s a chance to challenge yourself, to get set for whatever the future has in store.

We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt your preparations for this next stage in your life, so we’ve gathered some useful tips and information to prepare and support you as you adjust to life at uni, and everything this includes.

What is Progress to uni?

Consider these pages your one-stop-shop for progressing from school to uni – open all hours (and open to anyone who may need it). We’ve got your back when it comes to brushing up on the skills you’ll be flexing the most while studying for your degree. 

Who is it for?

Everyone – whether you’re coming to university after taking school exams, or you’re taking on a new challenge, these pages are built with you in mind.

We’ve split our support information into two groups to provide help and guidance on improving your study and writing skills – skills that are a part of completing a degree at university.

Two students taking notes in a group session
Study skills
Student wearing earphones and writing notes
Writing skills


Cut through the university jargonget to know the most common terms used at university