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What are bursaries and scholarships? 

A bursary is a form of financial support that doesn’t need to be paid back. They are usually based on financial circumstances but may also take other factors into account. The University of Nottingham's Core Bursary and Nottingham Potential Bursary are guaranteed - this means that if you meet the criteria you are guaranteed to receive an award (i.e. they aren't limited in number).

A scholarship is a type of non-repayable financial support designed to reward outstanding academic performance or other achievement. Like a bursary, a scholarship may also take financial need into account, but generally as one of several factors. Scholarships are usually competitive (i.e. there are a limited number of awards which go to the applicant/s who most closely fulfill the assessment criteria).

Please go to our Bursaries and Scholarships pages to found out more about these funds

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